We offer:


Queuing System

  • ₱70 Per Head Unli-Smash (STUDENT)
  • ₱90 Per head Unli-Smash

Court Rentals

  • ₱480 Per Court and Per Hour


Training Programs

  • Monthly Rate: ₱9,500






In-Camp Training Fee

Program Total Package Daily Package Reservation fee
Elite P 97,353.00 P 2,324.00 P 5,000.00
Advance P 82,414.00 P 1,940.00 P 4,500.00
Beginner/ Intermediate P 70,972.00 P 1,538.00 P 4,000.00
Newbie P 50,114.00 P 1,163.00 P 3,000.00


1).Training package is exclusive of:

  • Food of 3 meals during in-camp training activities except for out of camp activities such as tournaments, mall/ field trips, observation games, etc.
  • Fully air-conditioned lodging rooms with bedding except for lodging fee for out of town tournament.
  • Training fee.
  • Shuttle Cock.
  • Court fee.
  • Tournament guardianship/coaching service for accredited tournaments.
  • Entitled to whackers uniform of activities (two) 2 dry-fit tournament shirt and 1(one) playing shorts.
  • Transport fee for Out of town activities including participation or Observation of accredited tournament.


Those availing of discounts are not entitled to the following.

  • Free uniform
  • Transportation tournament and Activities.

2).Trainee arriving after the official date of the SIC training and those departing before the end of the training duration are entitled to fractional discounts, not to exceed 20% of the training fee. However absences incurred within the training duration for whatever reasons are not entitled to fractional discount.

3). Special Discounts to the Following Categories:

  • Current and Former Palaro Delegates- 10% discount
  • Current and Former Palaro Medalist – 15% discount
  • Siblings -10 % discount applied to the succeeding siblings
  • Former in-camp trainee(s)-15 % discount



  1. Payment of required reservation fee.
  2. Payment of the Training Fees upon arrival and/or issuances of Post Dated Check (PDC) based on the Schedule below for the installment Scheme.
Skill Category Initial Payment (40 %) 2ndInst (25%) 3rdInst (25%) Final Inst (10%)
1- April- 19 30- April- 19 15- May- 19 1-June- 19
Elite P38,941.20 P24,338.25 P24,338.25 P9,735.30
Advance P32,965.60 P20,603.50 P20,603.50 P8,241.40
Intermediate P28,388.80 P17,743.00 P17,743.00 P7,097.20
Newbie P20,045.60 P12,528.50 P12,528.50 P5,011.40

3. Copy of NSO (Birth Certificate).

4. Duly accomplished:

a. Registration Form

b. Health and Medical Form

5. In-Camp Item to Bring:

a. Apparel:

i. Training Apparel:

1. Preferably dry fit apparel shirt in 5 different colors- yellow, red, blue, green, and black at least 2 units per color as change shirts (preferably dry fit) during Training.

2. 5 pieces of white shirt preferably dry fit.

3. Towels at least 2 pieces, one piece is for training preferably synthetic/ nylon material for quick drying and 1 piece cotton for bath use.

ii. Casual Apparel:

1. Rest or stand by Apparel. “Discretionary”

2. Malling “Window Shopping” or Social Apparel. “ Discretionary”

3. Sleeping Attire. “Discretionary”

b. Personal

i. Special – need “security” bedding, blanket, pillow, towel etc.

ii. Hygiene materials and Supplies

c. Training equipment:

i. Badminton Shoes

ii. Running Shoes/track shoes

iii. Jumping rope

iv. Training racket

v. Water dispenser/ Jug

vi. Sport goggle for players with visual impairment

d. Tournament equipment:

i. Tournament Badminton Shoes

ii. Badminton Tournament Bag

iii. Tournament Racket

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