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On May 8, 2010 St. Robert’s International Academy opened its high school department named after Dr. George D. Sorio. Dr. Sorio is the President of CyberCity TeleServices, Ltd., the third biggest Call Center in the Philippines.

On June 18, 2011 the academy added another department officially called the BCR Kiddie Kollege for Creative Arts. The elementary department was named after Dr. Bernadette Cruz-Rosales, an accomplished engineer, educator, and patron of the Arts.

On May 8, 2012 barely three years old, the Robertines gathered at Smallville Complex for the ground breaking ceremony of its new campus. Quite phenomenal, on the third year of the academy the operations is on full throttle, guided by its development slogan “Creative Technopreneurship, be Transformed, be Robertines!” St. Robert’s International Academy will certainly contribute to the educational landscape of Iloilo and western visayas.


Philosophy and Goals

Institutional Vision and Core Values


“Leading the way towards excellent, world-class, God-centered, and Learner-oriented Education.”

Core Values:





Pedagogical Motto (Challenge, Believe & Engage to Excel)

CHALLENGE students with real problems, and they will deliver.

BELIEVE in them, and they will begin to believe in themselves.

ENGAGE them with rigorous projects, and they will SHINE.


  • GDSSBHS Philosophy, Goals, and Objectives

Pedagogical Philosophy. The pedagogy of the Special Business High School encourages students to become involved with business problems and concepts, which fosters enthusiasm and interest in the subject.

Specifically, The Special Business High School will

Utilize active learning strategies such as project-based, inquiry-based, and problem-based learning;

Support learning across educational levels that provides an unduplicated sequence of instruction;

Use team-based strategies to solve business problems;

Utilize a variety of educational interactions with the business community;

Implement a “teacher as facilitator” mode of instruction.


  • BCRKKCA Philosophy, Goals, and Objectives

At BCRKKCA, our goal is to develop potential – intellectual, physical, social, and emotional – using a methodology that nurtures each child’s learning style, personality, talents and cultural heritage.


Small classes.

American curriculum with various enrichment activities.

Commitment to meeting the needs of each individual child.

Specialist teachers for Art, Music, Physical Education, Dance and Computers.

English as a Second Language (ESL) Specialist.

Learning Specialist/Resource Teacher providing diagnostic assessments and instructional strategies for students with special needs.

School Guidance Counselor who works with teachers, students, and families.

A Fantasy Land inspired classrooms which models creativity and the arts.

IMC Library with extensive elementary collection where students have weekly classes with a trained librarian.

Developing Capable People: a program which helps students develops interpersonal skills.

Extensive after school program: with art, music, drama, and sports activities.


Feasibility And Viability Of The Course 


  • Rationale

The establishment of St. Robert’s International Academy – GDS Special Business High School is anchored on the research findings conducted by the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) stating that “the  state of business education in the Philippines is wanting”, recommending to “…start entrepreneurship training at a much early stage”.

Entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial activities is very much encouraged and in fact considered the economic centerpiece of the Arroyo administration. The phenomenal success of Japan and many other asian countries is the proof that entrepreneurship is the next big thing not only in education but also in terms of economic activity.

In the recent election, campaign promises in education usually contains a bill or a program to develop the entrepreneurial capacity and skills of Filipinos. In fact, may forward looking congressmen is advocating for entrepreneurship in public high schools.

St. Robert’s International Academy – GDS Special Business High School is right in the midst of this development and that we are seizing every opportunity to take part in this challenge.

While there are a number of high schools in the country notably the Marikina and Caloocan Business High Schools, the uniqueness of SRIA’s offering is not only on the offering of business, technology, values, communications, and entrepreneurship but in the Dual Training System that we shall implement in the application of the theories and skills learned in the classroom. Our business high school enjoys a real corporate setting while learning business, and allows the students to experience business in their apprenticeship activities.

The Culminating activities and industry exposures will cap our special business and entrepreneurship program. This uniqueness will differentiate us from the others and that it will be our unique selling proposition.


Market Study

SWOT Analysis

1.     Strength Profile. The academy is strong in terms of personnel and expertise. Operating under the St. Robert’s system which has a ten-year track record in delivering business education, the academy enjoys the corporate university status.

2.     Weaknesses. While the academy facilities are considered above average, the non-ownership of the building is considered a weakness because of the rental expenses that it entails.

3.     Opportunities. The growing interest for business and entrepreneurship is an opportunity that the education sector should seize. Both formal education and training programs are much sought after programs that educational institutions should undertake.

4.     Threats. Considered threats by the special business high school operation is the proliferation of the so-called special business high school. When saturated and watered, the program will lose its attraction.

Demand Profile

The Iloilo City profile of elementary and high schools include: 1) 52 Public Elementary Schools; and 2) 16 Private Elementary and High Schools. Looking at this data, a school administrator should be ready to receive a fairly good enrollment share from these elementary schools for their high school offerings.

Supply Profile

Being the first in the country, St. Robert’s International – GDS Special Business High School enjoy a certain monopoly of the Iloilo market at the moment.

SRIA-GDS Special Business High School can accommodate a maximum of 120 students.

Since the founding of the Church until our days, Divine Providence has always called illustrious men, who by their knowledge and sanctity have conserved and defended the truths of Catholic Faith against the attacks of heretics.

Among these men shines St. Robert Bellarmine (1542-1621), who was celebrated for his teachings and polemic works as well as for his virtue and zeal for the Church. In truth, it would seem that the holy Cardinal had received from God the threefold gift of teaching the people, guiding the faithful, and confounding the Protestant heretics of the 16th century, a time when Protestantism was growing and spreading.




Board of Directors

Chair                                          Mrs. Dancel C. Sorio

Vice Chair                                   Dr. Robert Galindez

Corporate Secretary                    Atty. Joshua Alim

Treasurer                                    Dr. Bernadette Rosales

Members                                    Captain Isagani Abello /

Mrs. Lyne Abello representing Capt. Isagani Abello

Prof. Mary June Galindez

Dr. Lerma Baes

Consultant                                  Dr. George Sorio


Officials of the School

President                                    Dr. Robert F. Galindez

VP Administration                        Prof. Mary June Galindez

VP Academics                             Dr. Lerma F. Baes

VP Finance                                 Dr. Bernadette Rosales

Auditor                                        Mrs. Dancel C. Sorio

HRD Director                              Atty. Joshua Alim

Executive Principal                   Mr. Olliver B. Tiania

Director for Admin. Services        Miss Irish Joy Alisen

AP for LP Services                         Miss Milarose Tajo

AP for Academics                       Miss Mary Ann Malanday

School Nurse                              Mr. RD Rey Zamudio


Guidance Counselors / Disicipline Officers

GDS                                              Mr. Aldren Camposagrado

BCR                                              Mr. Jezza Silvederio

Librarian                                     Miss Noralee Tacadao

IT In-Charge                               Mr. Christopher Tasi


Expert Consultants

Creative Arts & CorpCom  Prof. Kevin Piamonte

IT                                     Mr. Simeon Cainday III

Music                               Mr. Al Fernandez

Entrepreneurship               Dr. Lerma Baes


OFFICIAL SITE: http://therobertinesite-gds.weebly.com/bulletin-board.html

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